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The Mind's I.

Welcome to Satachrist's mind.

Satachrist is a schizoid story concept that accidently became manifest during a brain storm and now thinks of itself as a real person. To avoid mental confusion Satachrist invented a figure, the protagonist, and called him Martin. Martin is of course utterly unaware of that fact and is actually convinced that he is a normal human being with possibly somewhat peculiar interests and too many hobbies. We beg you not to remind him though as this could lead to a dramatic dimension hiccup that would end existence as we know it. Or it might just embarrass him terribly.


Proposed Antimatter.

If asked, Martin will tell you that he is a writer with a peculiar knack for the absurd, grotesk and unreasonable. His preferred literary subjects include masks and endings. Because you just know where you are with both.

In some of his other lives he writes songs and plays the guitar for the Goth-Rock band beyond the void, the nightmusic combo The Darkness Within and his project Metatron.

In his spare time Martin studies medicine at the LMU in Munich and has conceptional problems thinking of himself as a doctor. When confronted with his approaching exam he will most likely laugh at you and give you an implied clue to shut up and not pursue that subject any further.

When he does not do one of the things above, he does all of them at once.


A Biscuit Case.

Due to the ad-hoc-nature of Martin's creation, his characteristics seem to be rather strange and occasionally messed up.

Before you should try to make contact, it is only fair to remark that Martin is addicted to caffein, the scent of black and the word "indeed". For good keeping, he should be provided with a newspaper, a pretentious looking pocket watch and many Pink Floyd records. People who know him well will feed him biscuits which he will keep consuming until stopped by force.

Martin enters frenzy when confronted with car chases or neo-conservative politicians. He thinks of the sun as his personal enemy and is currently forging plans to assassinate her in her sleep. Also, he is known to have repetitive sexual intercourse with celestial creatures. Sometimes against their will, only rarely against his.



Contrary to certain rumours Martin is neither a depressed golem nor a pale latin lover called Rodrigo. That his family is derived from noblemen residing in the Carpathians is true but has absolutely no connection to popular vampire myths.

He does not do Stoiber, nor does he speak Lower Bavarian. Or any other Eastern European language for that matter.



Satachrist is currently residing in Munich, Bavaria, in a huge black castle on a diabolical hill, right in the city centre. This image is so ridiculous that the inhabitants of Munich prefer to ignore it. His only companions are his trusty if slightly niffy servant Satachrist's Little Helper and a pre-biblical war beast called Minka.


Worship the Antithesis.

Martin worships the antithesis.


Blinks of an I.